About Us


TAS is a privately owned business with over 40 years experience of dealing with companies, central and local government, doctors and vets thoughout the UK.

With the latest technology and 24 hour IT support, we are able to deliver the excellent levels of reliability and flexibility our clients need and deserve.  

Modern well equipped and air-conditioned offices provide a pleasant working environment for our very experienced staff, many of whom have been with the company for well in excess of 5 years.

We ensure that we recruit and retain the best people, providing them with on-going training and facilitating a flexible choice of working hours.

Our very low staff turnover is of great importance as we develop long term experiences with our clients.

Much of our business is of a medical nature, followed very closely by all the other professionals, who need and demand an above average message handling service! 

Please give us a call on 01223 849700 - you won't regret it!


We aim to be accurate, compassionate and speedy!